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Living the Ocean Creek Dreamlife

Live life by the rhythms of the sun, the stars, and the tides. . . In your new Ocean Creek resort dreamlife, you’ll create the luxurious lifestyle you’ve always envisioned for yourself and your family.Watch the sun rise from your beach home, or greet the day with the sounds of the waves as you cast off during an early morning surf fishing session. Have breakfast at the Four Seasons resort restaurant or prepare it in your fully equipped kitchen.

Schedule a morning tennis match or take the grandkids to build sandcastles and wade in the waves along the shore. You’ll stroll along wooded pathways lined with mossy live oaks or take the tram over the creek bridge right up to the white sand beach.

Now that you’ve worked up an appetite, greet family and friends at the Beach Bar & Grill for lunch and find out what they’ve purchased while shopping at Barefoot Landing, just across the way. Start your meal with an irresistible cocktail infused with a taste of the tropics, served with Southern charm, and adorned with a paper umbrella.

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Ocean Creek Ammenities

Positioned right next to Barefoot Landing, at Ocean Creek you’ll always find something to do – whether its eating, shopping, or just enjoying life.

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Ocean Creek Amenities

You wake up to a sunny Saturday morning. You allow yourself to be immersed in the silence of your three-bedroom unit. The kids are still soundly sleeping in their beautifully appointed rooms. You look at the time. 7 am. You rise from your bed and head to your fully equipped kitchen to brew some coffee.

Coffee in hand, you look out your private balcony. Like you, some of your neighbors are already up and about caught up in their morning routines. You can spot a few familiar faces walking and jogging on the jogging track. A few others prefer more sedentary pleasures, simply lounging by the private cabanas, enjoying the view as they enjoy their coffee. You plan on hitting the well-equipped fitness center later.

You hear your phone ring. It’s your neighbor inviting you for a small get-together at the Ocean Creek banquet hall. They ask you to bring the kids along so they can catch up with the other kids in the game room.

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Grab your racket and play your heart out with other tennis lovers in beautiful Ocean Creek Myrtle Beach.


Enjoy the on-site Ocean Creek putting green, and four award winning golf courses right across the street.


Miles of coastline of golden North Carolina beaches for you to have long walks or spend time with your family.


Throw on your swimsuit and splash in to one of Ocean Creek's several pools for a relaxing day in the sun.


Positioned right across from Barefoot Landing, at Ocean Creek you’ll always find something to do – whether its eating, shopping, or just enjoying life.

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Ocean Creek Nearby Activities

After a long week at work, you excitedly drive to your Ocean Creek home. As soon as you reach home, you hear the giggles of your little kids as they excitedly tell you how they want to spend their weekend with you. While they have finished their usual afternoons exploring the different amenities within the Ocean Creek community, they also want to visit some of the nearby attractions in Myrtle Beach.

With your children’s help, you’ve managed to plan out your Saturday. In the morning, you’ll visit the amusement park at Barefoot Landing. You’ll treat them to some sweets at The Crafty Cow or The Fudgery. You’ll let them enjoy some rides and games and grab some lunch at one of the restaurants in the complex.

At night, you can make more memories by watching the fireworks together after enjoying a hearty meal in one of the waterfront restaurants within the complex.

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Choose from a plethora of Good Eats nearby, including pubs, grills, seafood, brewerys, pizza, cafes, and more.


Featuring a number of attractions – catch a show at the theatre, ride the carousel with your children, or check out the alligators and tigers.


Outlets and shoppes galore. Some of our favorites include Blue Moon Trading Co. and Carolina Vineyards Winery.


Positioned right next to Barefoot Landing, at Ocean Creek you’ll always find something to do – whether its eating, shopping, or just enjoying life.

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Ocean Creek Properties

As you drive into the 24-hour gated Ocean Creek community that comprises 57-acres of upscale property dotted with ocean-facing homes, condominiums, golf courses, tennis courts, unspoiled beaches, and more, it feels like coming home to paradise on earth.

You see your friend enjoying a leisurely walk with his family as you drive in. You rolled down your window, excited to catch up. They invite you over for some barbeque later in the evening. It’s an invitation you’re happy to accept. After all, it was their property that had you hooked to Ocean Creek.

You recall that first time you visited their unit at the Garden Homes. Their property was attached but provided enough privacy. You especially liked the Garden Homes’ well-maintained entry courtyards that exuded a feeling of luxury and elegance. The living room with its signature vaulted ceilings perfectly matched the area’s wooded setting.

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